5 Best Project Management Software for Mac 2023

Finding project management software for Mac that seamlessly integrates with their operating system can significantly enhance productivity and collaboration. From intuitive interfaces to robust features, the best project management solutions will elevate your Mac-powered project management experience. Here are our top picks:

Our PickBest ForPricing Starts At
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Best Free Option for Mac PlatformFree to try • $5/user/month

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Best for Any Size Project TeamFree to try • $9.80/user/month

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Best for Fans of Excel Spreadsheets and Microsoft OfficeFree to try • $7/user/month

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Best Tool for Integration with Apple Products
(and an Affordable Alternative to MS Project)
Free to try • $16.99/user/month

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Best for Communication and CollaborationFree to try • $8/user/month

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Our Picks: The Best Project Management Software for Mac

clickup logo.

Best Free Plan for Mac Users

ClickUp is a top-rated project management tool that offers a wide range of features and benefits (even on its free plan) that make it worth considering for project managers who prefer using a Mac. Recent research and positive user review outline why ClickUp stands out as a must-be-considered project management solution. Robust collaboration capabilities, versatile task management, and streamlined project tracking, including agile project management support, make ClickUpthis a great option for focused project teams looking to integrate with other Mac productivity tools.

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ClickUp dashboard

ClickUp Key Features

ClickUp stands out for Mac users due to its seamless integration with macOS, providing a native and optimized experience that enhances usability and performance. Its comprehensive feature set, including customizable workflows, agile methodologies support, and extensive integration capabilities, offers project managers a highly versatile and tailored project management solution. With a user-friendly interface and diverse project views, ClickUp empowers Mac users to manage tasks efficiently manage tasks, collaborate effectively, and gain actionable insights for successful project outcomes, surpassing competitors in functionality and usability.

  • Native Mac Experience – ClickUp offers a native Mac experience, providing Mac users with a seamless and optimized interface that aligns with macOS design principles. This ensures a familiar and intuitive user experience, enhancing productivity and ease of use.
  • Customizable Workflows – One of the standout features of ClickUp is its highly customizable workflows. Mac users can design and configure workflows according to their specific project requirements, enabling them to adapt the software to their unique processes and ensure efficient project execution.
  • Versatile Project Views – ClickUp provides a range of project views, such as List View, Board View, Gantt Chart, and Calendar View, allowing Mac users to visualize their projects in different formats. This versatility provides project managers with a comprehensive overview of tasks, timelines, and resource allocation, enabling effective planning, tracking, and collaboration.

ClickUp Pros & Cons

Robust free plan featuresNumber of features can be overwhelming at first
Excels at facilitating collaboration and communication among teamsComplexity in customizations
Versatile and customizablePerformance on older devices
Supports agile project management methodologiesPricing structure based on features and number of users
Mobile accessibility for iOS and Android to stay connected on the goLack of offline mode

Why We Picked ClickUp for Project Management for Mac

As a project manager using a Mac, there are compelling reasons to consider using ClickUp to manage your work and teams. Our research and along with recent user reviews and shared project management professional testimonials have confirmed that ClickUp is a strong choice when it comes to managing work and teams in a Mac environment. For project management, ClickUp brings together all necessary features beautifully with a more generous free version than the competition that includes unlimited tasks and members, which is unusual for any project management solution.

wrike logo.

Best for Any Size Project Team

Wrike is another best-in-class project management tool designed to empower project managers and teams with efficient and collaborative project planning, tracking, and execution. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Wrike streamlines project management processes and enhances productivity. From task management and resource allocation to real-time collaboration and reporting, Wrike provides a centralized platform for project managers to efficiently organize and execute their projects. Its intuitive and customizable interface allows project managers to tailor the tool to their specific needs, creating seamless coordination, communication, and successful project delivery.

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For Mac users, Wrike is an excellent project management tool that offers integration and optimal performance on the macOS platform. Whether you’re using a MacBook, iMac, iPad, or other Apple device, Wrike’s web and desktop applications provide a consistent and intuitive experience for Mac users. Wrike’s native macOS application is specifically designed to leverage the capabilities and features of the operating system, ensuring smooth functionality, responsiveness, and compatibility. With its clean and visually appealing interface, Mac users can easily navigate and interact with Wrike, taking advantage of its robust project management capabilities while enjoying a positive user experience that aligns with the macOS ecosystem. From creating and tracking tasks to collaborating with team members, Mac users will find Wrike to be a reliable and efficient tool for managing their projects from beginning to end.

Wrike dashboard

Wrike Key Features

Wrike offers several top features for Mac users, making it an ideal project management tool on the macOS platform. First, its native macOS application provides seamless integration with the operating system, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. Second, Mac users can take advantage of Wrike’s intuitive interface, allowing them to easily navigate and interact with the tool, whether through the web or desktop application. Finally, Wrike’s robust collaboration features enable efficient teamwork, with real-time updates, task assignments, file sharing, and communication tools, all designed to enhance productivity and streamline project management processes for Mac users.

  • Native macOS application – Wrike provides a dedicated native application for macOS, offering seamless integration and optimized performance on Mac devices. The native app leverages the capabilities of the operating system, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.
  • Intuitive user interface – Wrike’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing Mac users to easily navigate the tool and access its various features. The interface is visually appealing, providing a clean and organized workspace for project management tasks.
  • Robust collaboration tools – Wrike offers powerful collaboration features, enabling Mac users the ability to collaborate with their larger project team. These tools include real-time updates, task assignments, file sharing, comments, and notifications, facilitating seamless communication and teamwork within projects.

Wrike Pros & Cons

Native macOS IntegrationDifficult learning curve for novice users
Streamlined proofing and collaboration in
one place
Complex pricing structure
Customizable workspaceLimited offline access
Cross-tagging for visibility across multiple work streamsIntegration challenges
Deliver faster with new AI automated task prioritization recommendationsPerformance and speed

Why We Picked Wrike for Project Management for Mac

Based on professional real-world observations and the overall positive feedback from project managers using Wrike on a Mac, we recommend Wrike as a top project management solution for Mac users. Its user-friendly interface, collaboration features, task management capabilities, and integration options make it a powerful tool to enhance project efficiency, collaboration, and success. Wrike seamlessly integrates with Mac operating systems, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience and an interface that is optimized for Mac users.

The system integrates with various Mac productivity tools, such as Apple Calendar, Mail, and Contacts, allowing project managers to streamline their workflow and centralize project-related information. Wrike excels in facilitating collaboration among any size team, enabling seamless communication, file sharing, and task management. Advanced features offered in the paid tiers will give you all you need to work smarter and to customize the system to the way you want to get work done.

Smartsheet logo.

Best for Fans of Excel and Microsoft Project

Smartsheet is a powerful project management and collaboration tool that empowers teams to plan, track, automate, and report on their work effectively. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, Smartsheet enables seamless communication and streamlined workflows across organizations of all sizes. One of the highlights of Smartsheet is its flexible spreadsheet-like interface that closely resembles a cross between an Excel spreadsheet and the popular Microsoft Project, allowing users to organize and manage their projects and tasks in a familiar and intuitive manner. It offers a wide array of features, such as Gantt charts, calendars, resource management, and customizable templates, making it ideal for project planning and execution. 

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Smartsheet also provides robust collaboration capabilities, allowing team members to collaborate in real-time, share files, and communicate effortlessly. The platform supports automation through workflows and integrations, enhancing productivity and reducing manual tasks. Whether it’s managing complex projects, coordinating remote teams, or tracking progress, Smartsheet is a comprehensive solution that equips organizations with the tools they need to succeed in a modern dynamic work environment.

Smartsheet Gantt view

Smartsheet Key Features

Smartsheet packs in key features designed to streamline project management and enhance team collaboration. From flexible project organization and tracking tools to powerful reporting and data visualization capabilities, Smartsheet helps teams to work well together, communicate confidently, and achieve all of their project goals. Take a look at these key features of Smartsheet.

  • Collaboration sheets – Smartsheet encourages easy collaboration through the use of sheets, a format unique to this tool. With customizable permission levels and the ability to attach files, add comments, set reminders, and share project details, Smartsheet’s collaboration options make for effective team coordination and information sharing.
  • Varied project views – Smartsheet offers four distinct views for work and project planning, allowing users to easily switch between them with a single click. The Grid View provides a spreadsheet-like interface with sortable columns and draggable rows, while the Gantt View offers a familiar timeline visualization of project tasks. The Card View enables visual organization and prioritization using drag-and-drop cards, and the Calendar View allows users to track milestones and publish to external calendar plugins.
  • Project dashboards – With Smartsheet, you can create a project management dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of program status, individual projects, and associated documents. This allows executives who don’t usually use these types of tools to gain insights into work alignment with their goals, while keeping stakeholders informed through real-time updates and accurate data for informed decision-making.

Smartsheet Pros & Cons

Customizable dashboards and templatesDependent on internet connectivity
Collaboration and communicationChallenging learning curve for novice users
Automation and workflowsLimited features in free version
Scalability and flexibilityInterface is complex and not as user-friendly as other tools
Integration capabilitiesPricing structure for some organizations

Why We Picked Smartsheet Project Management Software for Mac

Smartsheet is a highly regarded project management tool that is worth considering due to its extensive features and positive user feedback. Personal and professional use has proven that it does it all and then some. It offers a user-friendly interface, robust collaboration capabilities, and versatile project views like Gantt charts and calendars. Through its automation and integration options, users can streamline workflows and improve productivity. Smartsheet’s customizable dashboards and reporting tools let users track project progress in real time.

Reviews and observations from users highlight its ability to enhance team collaboration, improve project organization, and provide real-time visibility into project status for users, stakeholders, and executives, with tailored information for each audience. With its range of capabilities and positive reputation, we view Smartsheet as a stand-out and reliable option for project managers and their teams, no matter the size or industry.

Merlin Project logo

Best Tool for Integration with Apple Products (and an affordable alternative to Microsoft Project)

Merlin Project is a powerful and feature-rich project management tool that caters specifically to Mac users, offering a seamless and optimized experience. With its robust set of features and intuitive interface, Merlin Project empowers project managers on Mac to efficiently plan, execute, and track their projects whether they use a Mac laptop, desktop, iPad, or iPhone.

One standout feature of Merlin Project is its comprehensive project planning capabilities. Mac users can leverage its Gantt chart and timeline views to visualize project schedules, dependencies, and resource allocation. The software supports task dependencies, critical path analysis, and resource leveling, enabling project managers to effectively manage project timelines and ensure timely delivery.

Merlin Project also offers seamless collaboration and communication features for Mac users. Project teams can easily share project files, track task progress, and exchange feedback within the software. The integration with macOS native apps like Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders enhances productivity and ensures a seamless workflow integration for Mac users.

Merlin Project view on different Apple devices

Merlin Project dashboard

Merlin Project Key Features

Merlin Project is a great tool for project managers using a Mac due to its seamless integration with the macOS ecosystem, providing a native and optimized experience. Its robust project planning features, including Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and resource allocation, enable efficient project scheduling and management. With its intuitive interface and collaboration tools, Merlin Project empowers Mac users to effectively track progress, communicate with teams, and achieve project success. The following key features are worth noting.

  • Comprehensive Project Planning – With its robust capabilities, such as Gantt charts, task dependencies, and resource allocation, Merlin Project empowers project managers to create detailed project schedules, visualize dependencies, and effectively allocate resources. This level of planning precision ensures better project coordination, helps identify potential bottlenecks, and enables timely decision-making, resulting in improved project outcomes. Compared to competitors, Merlin Project’s planning feature offers a more holistic and powerful approach, providing Mac users with a toolkit to meticulously plan and execute their projects.
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools – With features that enable seamless sharing of project files, task assignments, progress tracking, and feedback exchange, Merlin Project facilitates effective teamwork and promotes clear communication among project teams. Its integration with native macOS apps enhances workflow integration and streamlines collaboration for Mac users. Compared to competitors, Merlin Project’s collaboration and communication tools offer a complete and user-friendly platform that fosters team collaboration, improves project transparency, and enables better team coordination throughout the project lifecycle.
  • macOS Integration – By seamlessly integrating with native macOS apps like Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders, Merlin Project allows project managers to leverage their existing workflows and synchronize project data effortlessly. This integration enhances productivity, eliminates duplicate data entry, and promotes collaboration between Merlin Project and other macOS applications. Compared to competitors, Merlin Project’s macOS integration provides a more streamlined and efficient experience for Mac users, allowing them to work with ease within their familiar macOS environment.

Merlin Project Pros & Cons

Mac-friendly supportExtensive feature set may be excessive for simple or small-scale projects
Flexibility and customization options for planning and defining workflows and templatesMay require higher system specifications to run smoothly, making older devices an issue
Resource management for effective work allocation and trackingNo free version
Integration and synchronization with macOS apps such as Calendar, Contacts, and RemindersSome users may face a steeper learning curve to tackle and use all features
Visually impressive Gantt chart can be exported in any resolution or vector-ready filesChallenging to find exact settings when using the Inspector

Why We Picked Merlin Project

Merlin Project for Mac is a project management tool worth considering for project managers seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly solution on a Mac. This is a new solution that was well worth the investigation. Merlin Project for Mac It provides a comprehensive and powerful project management solution tailored specifically for Mac users. Its robust planning features, seamless Mac experience, collaboration tools, resource management capabilities, reporting and analytics functionalities, and Mac-friendly support make it a compelling choice for project managers looking to streamline their project workflows and achieve project success. The reviews are good, and the demos are intriguing, making this a solution that we will definitely be testing out more for a better first-hand experience.

Best for communication and collaboration

monday work management (often shortened to monday) is a popular project management platform known for its user-friendly interface and extensive collaboration features. With monday.com, teams can effectively plan, track, and execute projects with ease. The platform offers customizable boards where users can create and manage tasks, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and track progress. It also provides various project views, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts, allowing teams to visualize and manage their projects in different formats. 

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monday.com excels in its collaboration capabilities, supporting communication and file-sharing features for teams. This platform provides a solid project management solution that simplifies task management, enhances remote team collaboration, and helps teams stay organized and productive throughout the project or program lifecycle.

monday.com dashboard

monday Key Features

monday offers Mac users a range of top features for project management, including a user-friendly interface optimized for macOS. Users can create and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track progress with minimal training. The platform’s collaboration tools provide real-time communication, seamless file sharing, and team collaboration, empowering Mac users to stay organized and productive throughout their projects. These three top features make monday stand out from other top tools.

  • Customizable project data visualizations and dashboards – monday excels in project data visualization and dashboard features, providing users the ability to create visually stunning and informative representations of project data. With customizable dashboards, users can easily track key metrics, monitor project progress, and gain insights into overall performance, providing a clear and comprehensive overview of their projects at a glance.
  • Automation and workflow management – monday’s automation features give users the power to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows, saving time and increasing productivity. With a wide range of automation options, users can create custom automation recipes to automatically trigger actions, update statuses, send notifications, and synchronize data, ensuring that processes are executed consistently.
  • Collaboration and communication – monday has robust collaboration tools that facilitate tight communication and teamwork. Users can leave comments, tag team members, and have real-time discussions, fostering collaboration within projects. The platform includes easy file sharing so users can access and collaborate on important project documents with their team, further enhancing collaboration and information sharing.

monday Pros & Cons

Provides a clear visual representation of project timelinesCost is high for larger organizations
Visually stunning and well-designed interfaceSteep learning curve for novice users
Customer support is sometimes subparCustomer support is sometimes slow to respond
Great for a variety of industriesNo built-in chat
Wide range of customizationsNo offline capabilities

Why We Picked monday

monday is a compelling choice for project management for Mac users due to its robust features and positive user feedback. With its user-friendly interface optimized for macOS, users can navigate and utilize the platform seamlessly. monday stands out with its extensive customization options, advanced collaboration tools, and automation capabilities. It provides a visually appealing and intuitive project management solution, allowing Mac users the ability to track tasks, communicate with ease, and streamline complex workflows. User reviews highlight its ability to enhance team collaboration, increase productivity, and provide a centralized platform for project management.


To identify the best project management software and tools for Mac users, I combined both qualitative and quantitative assessments of the features and benefits of a list of a dozen popular project management tools. I specifically sought out options that were compatible with a Mac and that were designed to play well with the macOS. 

The methodology also involved surveying reputable software review websites, reading industry publications, and perusing tech forums and user reviews to compile a comprehensive list of project management solutions specifically designed for or that worked well with a Mac. 

In addition, the research considered factors such as user interface intuitiveness, collaboration capabilities, task management functionalities, reporting and analytics options, integrations with other popular tools, and pricing models. Real-world usage scenarios and customer testimonials were examined to assess user satisfaction and the software’s effectiveness in various project management contexts. With the list narrowed down to the top 5, I tested each based on previous use or a new free trial account. The end goal of this in-depth analysis was to ensure that the selected solutions were truly tailored to meet the needs and preferences of Mac-based users and project managers.

Key Features of Project Management Software & Tools for Mac

When shopping for project management software and tools for use on a Mac, project managers should prioritize identifying key features that align with their specific project management needs and enhance their workflow efficiency.

Look for software that offers robust project planning capabilities, including features like Gantt charts, task dependencies, resource allocation, and critical path analysis. This ensures efficient project scheduling, tracking, and resource management.

Choose software that provides robust collaboration and communication features, allowing for seamless teamwork and effective communication among project teams. Look for features such as file sharing, task assignment, progress tracking, and feedback exchange to facilitate smooth collaboration.

Opt for software that seamlessly integrates with native macOS apps and takes advantage of the macOS ecosystem. This enables a streamlined workflow, seamless data synchronization, and enhanced productivity by leveraging existing macOS applications such as Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders.

Benefits of Project Management Software & Tools for Mac

As project managers and users operating on a Mac, recognizing the indispensable benefits of utilizing project management software and tools tailored specifically for your platform is crucial for achieving enhanced productivity, seamless collaboration, and streamlined project execution.

Project management software designed for Mac offers seamless integration with the Mac ecosystem, leveraging the native features and functionalities of the operating system. This integration enables users to leverage familiar tools, such as Calendar, Reminders, and iCloud, ensuring a smooth workflow and synchronization across various Mac devices.

Mac project management software typically features a user-friendly interface, with a clean and intuitive design that aligns with the macOS aesthetics. This ensures a more enjoyable user experience, making it easier for project managers and team members to navigate through tasks, timelines, and project-related information. The software often incorporates drag-and-drop functionality and visually appealing graphics, enhancing usability and making it simpler to manage projects effectively.

Mac project management software is optimized to run efficiently on macOS, taking advantage of the system’s stability and performance capabilities. These tools are specifically designed to work seamlessly on Mac devices, utilizing system resources effectively and providing a responsive and reliable performance. This enables users to handle complex project tasks, track progress, and generate reports without experiencing significant performance issues or disruptions.

FAQs: What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating PM Software for Mac?

It’s essential to ensure that the project management software you’re considering is specifically designed for Mac and fully compatible with the macOS operating system. This ensures a seamless experience and maximizes the software’s performance and stability on your Mac devices.

Different project management tools provide varying sets of features and functionalities. Assess your project requirements and determine which specific features are essential for your team’s needs, such as task management, resource allocation, Gantt charts, collaboration tools, reporting capabilities, and integration with other software or platforms.

Effective collaboration is crucial for project success. Check if the project management software offers features that facilitate communication and collaboration among team members, such as real-time messaging, file sharing, comment threads, and task assignment capabilities. Also consider if it allows for seamless integration with communication tools commonly used by your team, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Project management software often involves handling sensitive project information and confidential data. It’s vital to evaluate the security measures implemented by the software provider, including data encryption, access controls, regular backups, and compliance with data protection regulations. Ensure that the software adheres to robust security practices to safeguard your project data.

Understand the pricing structure of the project management software, whether it’s a one-time purchase, subscription-based, or has additional costs for add-ons or upgrades. Consider your budget and the scalability of the software—whether it can accommodate the growth of your projects and team size without substantial cost increases. Additionally, check if the software offers a trial period or demo version for evaluation before committing to a purchase.

How to Choose the Best Project Management Software Solution for a Mac

When choosing project management software for use on a Mac, project managers should consider several crucial factors. First and foremost, compatibility with macOS and optimization for Mac devices is essential to ensure a seamless user experience. In addition, evaluating the software’s key features and functionalities, such as task management, collaboration tools, and integration options, helps determine its suitability for specific project requirements. Data security and privacy measures are critical considerations to safeguard sensitive project information. Understanding the pricing model, scalability, and potential additional costs of the software is crucial to make a cost-effective decision. Ultimately, conducting thorough research, reading reviews, and testing software through trial periods or demos can aid in selecting the best project management solution for a Mac.

Remember, compatibility with macOS and a user-friendly interface are crucial factors to consider when selecting project management software for use on a Mac. By taking these factors into account, you can maximize the benefits of your software, enhance collaboration, and drive successful project outcomes.

Featured Partners: Project Management Software

1 Wrike

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Wrike is the most powerful work management platform on the market, enabling teams to plan projects and collaborate in real time. Our award-winning software is trusted by 20,000+ companies across the globe, including Sony, Estée Lauder, and Siemens.

Wrike’s customizable features include Gantt charts, request forms, dashboards, cross-tagging, time tracking, and proofing. Integrate with 400+ apps from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. Automate repetitive tasks and achieve 50% faster planning. Work from anywhere with 100% access to your files via our mobile and desktop apps.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, Wrike has the solution for you. Paid plans start at $9.80/user/month. Join our community of 2.3 million — start your free two-week trial today.

Learn more about Wrike

2 Jira

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Jira is an agile project management software used by development teams to plan, track, and release software. It is a popular tool designed specifically and used by agile teams. Aside from creating stories, planning sprints, tracking issues, and shipping up-to-date software, users also generate reports that help improve teams, and create their own workflows. As part of Atlassian, it integrates with many tools that enable teams to manage their projects and products from end to end. Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan,track, and release great software. Every team has a unique process for shipping software. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your team works.

Learn more about Jira

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